Add Live Video Chat to your VOD Service

  • Enable your audience to create one click, instant, intimate watch parties in a controlled environment, using your content, in a live collaborative video-chat environment.
  • No extra plugins or app downloads required.

User Experience



When using your video service, Groupview Subscribers ("hosts") click on “watch with my friends” button next to video content they wish to watch with their friends or loved ones.



Host clicks a button to "invite friends", gets a link, and copies and pastes it into an email or message to friends.
Guests click through the link to watch with host and other guests FOR FREE.


Watch Together

Host and guests can choose which content to watch live together.

What makes us different

Branded Video Player

  • The Groupview player is completely branded to YOUR video service.
  • Share your service's content guides, messaging, and promotions while viewers are watching your service's content.

One Click Quality Viewing

  • Viewers can start co-viewing content with one click.
  • No more extra windows and clicks (generally involved with screen sharing) are required.
  • Users experience optimized Video Quality (vs. that of screen sharing).

No Downloads Required

  • The player is completely web based.
  • No additional add-ons, plug-ins or app downloads are required.


Reduce customer acquisition costs

Exponentially increase viewership via the hosted watch party. Up to 5 extra pairs of eyes on every watch party started.

Increase advertising reach and revenue

Our viewership API can be customized to integrate with viewer monitoring systems so that the extra viewership can be tracked and monetized in real time.


Start or join a Watch Party to watch Live or On Demand content.

You can host a Groupview Watch Party on your computer using a Chrome browser. Video camera and mic are required.

Your Friends and Family can join on any device (Mobile or Desktop). See Guest Browser compatibility specifications under "What browsers can be used with Groupview Watch Party?" below.

Video quality dynamically adjusts based on the strength of a user's network connectivity.

We recommend a minimum dedicated 350kb/s download speed to maintain a stable video connection.

To check your internet speed, please go to

Anyone is welcome to join your Watch Party! Friends and family can join their Groupview Watch Party for FREE!

A host can invite up to 5 friends for a total of 6 participants per Groupview Watch Party.

You can host an unlimited number of Watch Parties. You can only host one Watch Party at a time.

You can host a Watch Party on your computer using a Chrome browser.

Please make sure that all other Video chat programs are closed and click "allow" when browser popup asks for permissions to use video camera and mic.

Guest Browser/OS support.

Groupview supports the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge 79+ (Chromium-based versions of Edge) on desktop operating systems.

On Android, Groupview can be run using Google Chrome for Android, Mozilla Firefox for Android.

On iOS, Groupview can be run using Safari browser. Other browsers are not currently supported.

Video camera and mic are required.

Each participant has individual control over the show audio volume. Other participants can be muted.

If you reviewed the FAQ information, and are experiencing any issues, please email support at

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